LTE beacon Carrier connection

We are from India, How can we connect to the LTE beacon with carriers,
How the subscriptions with LTE beacon and carriers in India

Your LTE Beacon comes with a SIM card with almost world-wide coverage, including India. However, LTE Beacon by default only works with LTE-M (a low-power version of LTE for IoT devices) networks, and it seems like no operators in India support it at this time:

The current version of the LTE Beacon supports GPRS/EDGE as an alternative—shoot us an email to, and we can help you enable it. Note that the GPRS support will be disappearing in the future, so this is more of a temporary workaround while the LTE-M still rolls out around the world. It’s also not low-power, so it’ll drain the battery faster.

Subscription details are still in the works, but for now everyone who bought an LTE Beacon dev kit gets a 3-month free trial. If you’re planning longer-term and have a specific project in mind, our team over at can help you estimate the costs.

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As per the link

In India not having any carrier coverage