LTE Beacon connection in Germany

Hello there,

I’m struggling with a problem with my two LTE Beacons. I searched here in the forum for a solution but I couldn’t find a similar question.

To become a bit clearer. I’m not able to connect with an carrier in my region (Germany). Is it possible, that the delivered Hologram SIM-card cannot access NB-IOT in my region?

Has anyone found a working solution or has anyone contacted the estimote support reguarding this issue?

LTE Beacon uses LTE Cat-M1 technology by default. So if you have not enabled NB-IoT explicitly in your microApp then it is rather lack of LTE Cat-M1 coverage causing connectivity problems.
From coverage map it looks there there is no official NB-IoT support by Hologram in Germany right now.
You may try to switch to LTE+GSM mode using modem.setTech(modem.Tech.GSM_LTE) in your microApp (this function is undocumented and experimental so it may be changed or removed in future releases). If it connects it means that there is no LTE Cat-M1 coverage in the area.

Hello pober,

changing the modem settings has really helped. So I’m now able to communicate with the Beacon.

Thank you