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Recently our developers have completed a project that required creating an app that would be connected with the iBeacon technology to track the user’s car movements (style of driving, speed, etc.) and transmit the data to an insurance company. Due to the fact we have a great experience in developing apps for iBeacon I’d like to offer you our help in such development.

feel free to contact me rlyasota@grossum.com

I have worked on several applications that detects the ibeacons and performs the actions once the ibeacon is detected. I have worked with several different types of ibeacons such as Estimote, Gimbal, Kontakt.io, Chinese ibeacons. I have developed following categories of applications that involves ibeacon detection as the key functionality:

  • ibeacon detection for restaurant application to push the various offers.
  • ibeacon detection in offices to detect and calculate the waiting time of the visitors in the office.

I have developed the application having following capabilities using ibeacons:

  1. Beacon monitoring and detection
  2. Beacon registration with user registration
  3. Location capturing
  4. Google or Apple Map integration to display location on map
  5. Ability to write generic beacon detection module that detects all types of beacons.
  6. Beacon detection in background mode
  7. Trigger notifications and actions as defined for the detection.

I also have good knowledge of asynchronous programming, background tasks, NSThread, caching, HTTP and socket connection network programming, image processing, push notifications, in app purchase, human interface guidelines for iOS/Android apps and app store publication.

I have an expertise with Estimote SDK.

Following is the link of the app that i developed recently that works with estimote beacons:

I’d really appreciate if set up a meeting for further discussion on the project. Let me know when is the most convenient for you.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Mustafa Murabbi
Skype: mustafa_murabbi