Logging Indoor Location Data

Is it possible to log the location data from the Indoor Location SDK app? I want to to log the data on my computer so I can process it in MATLAB or Python but I’m not sure how to acquire the data other than in the phone app.

Thanks for any help.

How about taking the example app:

… modifying it slightly so it does log the position to a file, and then you could use that file as an input to your MATLAB/Python script?

Or do you need to stream this in real-time? Or maybe a more general question for better understanding: what kind of processing do you want to do? (:

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Thanks so much for getting back to me!
The example you gave will definitely help I think. I don’t need to stream in real-time, but that’d be nice to know too I think. I’m planning to apply machine learning to the data… hopefully to get some insight into features that affect location accuracy. I also want to plot the data, and the CDF since I am somewhat familiar with fast fading statistics.