Location orientation is not stable

I have a UWB beacon dev kit and I am trying to automatically map a location using the Indoor app.
The problem is that the orientation of the mapped location is not stable between location creation (the beacons are in the same positions and orientations - they are untouched; also the Profile mode is Experimental with Inertia).
I noticed that changing the order of beacons during mapping - i.e. start from closest beacon 1 (lemon), then move to 2 (beetroot), 3 (coconut) and 4 (candy) vs - start from closest beacon 4 (candy), then 3, then 2 and 1 (lemon) - outputs different results: in the first case I got 130 deg. in the second 287 degrees.

Are they any best practices for the UWB dev kit when using the Indoor app?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Orientation is notoriously tricky to get indoors, due to fluctuations of the magnetic field caused by all the metal & electrical current.

You could try editing the orientation of your location manually:


Maybe with a little bit of human curation, you’ll be able to get better results.