How catch beacon UUID with Phisical Web

Dear all:
We have using Eddystone-URL broadcasting a the URL of a dynamic web page. We receive the notifications correctly but we cannot capture in the notification the beacon identification resposible of the notifications.
I would thanks if anyone know:
a) If we could capture the beacon identification data before Nearby sends the notification
b) If not, if when the user click the notification and Access to the url (web page) we could catch this identification

We use some beacons so we would like know which beacons has been the responsable of the notification

Thanks in advance

Hi Mangel,

what do you really want as identification?
From the Estimote Android SDK: the Eddystone listener gives you Eddystone class packets, with those fields:

  • calibratedTxPower (signal strength),
  • eid (EID when using Eddystone-EID),
  • instance (set to null using Eddystone-URL),
  • macAddress (MAC address of the beacon),
  • namespace (set to null when using Eddystone-URL),
  • rssi (received signal strength),
  • telemetry (telemetry information),
  • telemetryLastSeenMillis (time of the last telemetry information),
  • url (emitted URL).

In bold, the fields that can interest you when using the Eddystone-URL frames.
If anyone can complete what I said, just to be sure I’m right :slight_smile:

Dear Ximun
Many thanks for your help and answer.
I see is easy to catch the beacon identification for an Android App. However, we have not use an Android App, we work with web application using pHp and JavaScript.
At this point, Chrome gets the URL of the beacon checks againts our server and back to the moble the correct notification. When user execute the notification links againg with our server and our Web application is executed.
We would like know which of the several beacons has been the resposible of the process.
We have tried to catch the beacon information when Google PWS checks the URL without success.
We have tried use Web Bluetooth without success, may be because Web bluetooth is a not finished development.

So we have not solutions for now to solve this problema.
Any help about it will be wellcome
Thanks in advance

Hi, I think that you have to use UTM parameters in your link, and obviously have to give your own I’d (manually) :wink:

Many thanks friend
But although your idea Works and I have used it yet fro us is not the solution for to control the security of the beacon broadcast
I am looking for a solution to get the UUID beacon in the Eddystone-URL packet without any mobile application
May be Bluetooth Web could be the solution but for now we can know how used it (is a very novelty standard)
Thanks again a wating for new help :slight_smile:

Hey @Mangel,

you could maybe use the Android SDK to catch the Bluetooth Le frames without the Estimote SDK…

Many thanks Ximun
Yes, with a mobile App we have not problema, but we do not use mobile apps, so the users do not need install anything in their Smartphone