Locating a user around a pool table


I am a student working on a project where one of the goals is to locate a user’s position navigating around a pool table within a provided coordinate system. So far, my attempt was to use BLE and three iBeacons that I purchased and read RSSI values from an ESP32, transmit them via WiFi to a computer and then compute the distance from the computer itself. However, for the following possible reasons the results are quite off:

  • Either the RSSI values vary way too much to be any way accurate even though I’m doing a bit of smoothing on them
  • I don’t have the right value for n (the path loss value I believe)
  • My trilateration algorithm is completely wrong. The distances to beacon I’m getting are fairly consistent, but I’m getting negative values for instance even while being positioned between the three beacons

I can dive deeper into my attempt if needed. My big question would be if there would be any recommendations or alternative to this. I’m not sure I can use the Estimote Indoor Location aid for the project, but if possible, would it work within the 7foot by 3.5foot dimensions of a table (or slightly more than that considering human distance to table), and is there a way to read and use the computed x,y locations on a computer for follow up applications? (referring to this video: Estimote Indoor Location - YouTube)

If not any other solution/recommendation? Thank you!

Hi there! This is Jess from Team Estimote.

Because of the relatively small size of a pool table, the only way to do what you’re describing is to use hundreds of of BLE beacons and RSSI measurement which would be really complex OR to use UWB beacons. (Learn more about our UWB beacons here!)

Let me know if you have any further questions!

Hey Jess,

Thank you for the reply. I was looking into getting the UWB Development Kit. My only concern is that I need a way to send the localization to a computer via wifi for instance from the phone. Would I be able to modify the ios SDK or use the API to do that? How flexible is Estimote UWB app to modifications for the sake of a class project? Or is there a way to only get the barebones of it and get the localization easily?