KclErrorDomain error 5 on IOS 9


I use the cordova plugin available here https://github.com/evothings/phonegap-estimotebeacons , I (at first) just tried to launch the exemple on an Iphone 6 Under IOS 9.0 . Each time I start monitoring a region i have got the “KCLErrorDomain Error 5”, i tried a lot of thing like remove app as suggested on others posts. But nothing help me. The same code on an Iphone 4s under IOS 8 is working fine and do the job. I tried with an Ipad air under IOS 9.0 and had the same error. Is there an issue with IOS9 ? Have you got any idea where this error come from ?


Hi Tommy,

I’m getting the exact same problems too. Everything else works perfectly fine, e.g. ranging but when trying to monitor a region on iOS9 it instantly throws a kclErrorDomain code 5 error. This is a generic error message by the sounds of things, and is often pointing towards monitoring too many regions which I know for a fact isn’t the case in this scenario.

There must be a change in how monitoring is handled on iOS9 and the Cordova plugin specified doesn’t implement these methods.


Just tested monitoring using our native SDK on iOS 9, with the “Notification” template from our app generator, and it worked fine. Any chance you could try that? If it works fine for you too with the native SDK, then it must be something with the plugin implementation. Otherwise, we’ll dive deeper into our SDK.

Works fine on my iOS9 device here, it’s definitely how the Cordova plugin implements the monitor functionality.


Thanks for your answers, i’ve already report the issue to the plugin developper (CookieCookson too). I will try to find time and having a look to the plugin implement and come back to you if I have news about it.

Thank you.

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