Background monitoring doesn't work on iOS 9

Hi All,
i am trying to monitor beacon using estimote sdk and i have followed i am able to get notification in ios 8.4 but not in ios9 in background. what is problem?

Thanks in Advance.

There is no reason it shouldn’t work on iOS 9, there were no related changes in that version.

Can you double check if you have location services enabled, and set to “always”? Does your app show a location services popup the first time you start it?

Hi, Thanks for reply.
It has shown that popup dialog when i installed app and i have given permissions. It’s working fine, but background beacon monitoring is taking much time to detect beacon. Why?

How much is “much time”?

Can you try removing all the beacon apps from your phone, and installing them again? Is it any better then?

+ some helper questions:
Are you testing with Flip to Sleep? Have you defined your monitoring region with UUID+major+minor?

Can you try the Notification template, see if it also experiences the problem: