Javascript API documentation

I’m very new to the Estimote Mirror technology with sticker beacons. I have clicked around a lot on the developer site, and found small examples of how to communicate between them. But, I do not find full documentation for only Javascript API. Im not going to use iOS or Android app. I find documentation about those platforms on github. How to split screens if two stickers are lifted? How to show images or small videos instead of text? Where shall they be stored?

I have off course read this:

Thanks for any help.

Mirror templates are basically HTML pages. So you can use the same techniques to split screen and show images and videos as you usually use when designing web pages (using <img> and <video> tags).
There are various ways to achieve split screen: you can use JavaScript (pure or use popular frameworks) or you can use CSS trickery. It only depends on visual effect you want to have (like animation, fading, quick change). There are plenty tutorials how to do it, for example:
You can place images, videos, CSS files, scripts in the same directory as your index.html in similar way you build classic web page (how to copy files to Mirror is described here).
Javascript API is documented here:

To be honest I just received the Estimate mirror dev kit and im already disappointed. I was so hyped since I waited 9 months for them and now im seeing a lot of things that are making me ask myself what to do with them and did I actually need them. Part of my concerns come from:

  1. The demo app and the stickers are not working. Yep they are not non of them is doing anything no matter are you going close or not to the beacon.
  2. The documentation how to use the beacons is useless too - 5 lines of code showing nothing. The GitHub repos you have don’t have even one example how beacon triggers are working.
  3. Im not understanding for what the cloud is for as there you can’t get sample app template.

Even if we spend huge amount of time to understand how the templates are working the questions are still there:

  1. If we order next 3 beacons will we wait 9 months to get them too?
  2. What happened to the stickers - im asking this from 1 month and all I get is: “we should schedule a call to discuss this” I don’t want to schedule a call to discuss anything - I want simple yes you can order them and expect them at this date for this price or no you can’t order them and the video beacon will work only with phone apps.

I don’t think we have a demo in the Estimote app for Mirror + Stickers. The documentation for building that is here:

Let us know if there’s anything ambiguous or unclear, and we’ll work on improving it—we’d very much appreciate some specific feedback!