Is there a way to setup a large number of beacons

Let’s say I have 100 beacons and I have setup the UUID/major/minor identifiers on the cloud site.

Is there a method for setting up those beacons at once?
Would I just set a phone with the Estimote app near by and let it communicate one at a time?
Is there a limit to the number of beacons that can be picked up?

Much thanks,
~Chris Cantley

Hi Wade!

Are you already deploying the beacon or just exploring possible scenarios?

One way as you describe is to configure them through the Cloud and then apply changes to the beacons. You can use Estimote app for that or add remote fleet managament code to your app. Here it is described in more details:
Please note that you do not need push notifications to do that, just fetch the settings on app launch / waking.

Second way is to never configure at all beforehand :wink: The actual moment you need to configure the beacon is the moment you deploy them. At that point you know what settings you need and any beacon at hand can be configured to match that. Think of it as generating blueprint based on needs and putting it into the beacon. The good news is that you almost don’t need to write the code at all! The almost (just tweak it to your need) ready app is available as an app template in Cloud. In the Apps tab it is called Configuration template. You can also read more about it in the following blogpost:

Hope it will be helpful! :slight_smile:

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Sorry Marcin, I didn’t explain the scope well enough.
This is a scenario that I am exploring for our business.

Let’s say I order 1000 beacons.
The ideal scenario is that we would set them up through the cloud interface, put the beacons near …something… (the estimote app?) that would sync the beacons with the Cloud settings.

We would then ship them to various locations with instructions about where to place them. The setup would have to be simple (stick x-beacon at y-location) so no syncing after they have been distributed. While I get that beacons could be updated by anyone walking around with the framework installed but I need to be able to Sync in advance of distribution.

So, is there a method you can think of for setting up your beacons at scale?
How many beacons could be Sync’d from one device, let say an iPhone, at one time?

Much thanks,