Estimote Beacon deployment for multiple sites

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Lets say I have 1000 beacons (Proximity) and three distinct separete locations where to install the beacons to. I am thinking of this plan :-
we want to scan the beacon label instead of the radio wave
Use a neural network learner to get the UUID from the camera automatically and then use that to set major / minor and set it for a particular location. Is this feasible ?

Or do we need to select from radiowave and update the beacon.

Ignoring our assumptions if we have 100 beacons and we to allocate to 3 sites (all with lots of rooms) and know which beacon to physically place in which room whats the smoothest way to go forward with it?

We generally see/use two approaches for large-scale deployments:

I. On-demand configuration

Take our Configuration template and customize it for the particular deployment. These days, we’re using/recommending Estimote Proximity/Monitoring, so there’s pretty much no configuration per se that needs to happen (in the old days we’d pre-populate the app with a unique iBeacon UUID, a list of majors/minors, broadcasting power options we determined were suitable for that particular deployment, etc.), so it’s usually just about assigning appropriate tags and attachments to beacons in Estimote Cloud, via the Cloud APIs.

Here’s an example:

Then go on-site with a bag of beacons, pull one out, place it on the smartphone, and our configuration tool will auto-connect to it and proceed to the Beacon Setup screen. Assign a tag, input any other data, and press save. Then just stick a beacon in.

II. Pre-configuration

Pre-configure the beacons with the tags/attachments/any special configuration, one by one, and label them. Ship them to the deployment site, often with some kind of a map showing which beacon goes where. Find the right beacon using the labels, and stick them in.

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However being a total novice I am still a bit lost. How can the template help . So we need to configure it per site if Understand it correctly. And then take a any beacons from the lot and use the app to do it. Which app can we use to the last part (I mean this part place it on the smartphone, and our configuration tool will auto-connect). So we download the app, we have a set of 1000 beacons from which we want to allocate 100 to a site. What do we do next ?

During the last part we can assign beacons and create UUIDs and we generally attach it to rooms. issue is sometimes beacons in teh back ground are being picked up and assigned to rooms instead of the one sin the front ? Is there anyway to get around it

So we download the app, we have a set of 1000 beacons from which we want to allocate 100 to a site. What do we do next?

So I assume you have 1000 beacons with you, and you want to take 100 from the pile and ship to a specific site, and somehow tag them in Estimote Cloud so you know which specific beacons went to that site?

If yes, then:

a) using the Configuration template

Pick one beacon, place it on the smartphone, wait the Configuration app detects it, assign a site (most likely this should assign a tag with the site’s name/ID in Estimote Cloud), save. Repeat 99 more times (: Set the beacons aside to be shipped to that site.

To do that you’ll need to customize the Configuration template with your site names/picker and saving a tag to Estimote Cloud, that’s something for a developer to do.

b) using the stock Estimote Android app

Use NFC or Shake to Configure to connect to the beacon, and assign a site there. The Estimote Android app doesn’t support changing tags at this time though, but you could change the name of the beacon to the site’s name/ID, and this way you’d know which site the beacon is assigned to.

Estimote iOS app doesn’t currently support NFC and Shake to Configure, so it’s probably not gonna be useful because of all the noise generated by 100/1000 beacons.

Okay. We actually used the IOS app. So that makes sense, so we need a Android phone with mobile capability.
So once we set the beacon UUID , I guess to detect rooms we can just name it siteId:rooms or something like that ?

Edit ;- Also since we were using IOS, this is news to me. Which Android app will help us ?

Does that sound reasonable ?