Is there a RESTful API for Estimote Cloud?

Estimote Cloud exposes a public RESTful API that enables you to access your beacon fleet data in a programmatic, machine-friendly way. Responses can be used in any application that understands the JSON format.

With Estimote Cloud API you can:

Requirements for using Estimote Cloud API

There are some basic requirements to connect with Estimote Cloud API:

  1. You need to authenticate your requests with your unique API credentials. You’ll find your App ID and App token in the Apps section in Estimote Cloud web. You need to create an app in Estimote Cloud to generate API tokens.![image](upload://uokwrw7sYQ3tWqtsv4MNhLrTIO4.jpg)
  2. All requests to our API have to be authenticated using the standard HTTP Basic Authentication mechanism—simply use ‘App ID’ in place of the username and ‘App Token’ as a password. Each app would have its own credentials.
  3. You need to include an Accept header and set it to application/json.
  4. All requests should be made over the HTTPS protocol.

Consult the documentation of the tool or the library you’re using to find out how to enable Basic Authentication or add the “Accept” header.

If you don’t have any apps in Estimote Cloud, read how to quickly create one:

Why do I need Apps in Estimote Cloud?

Estimote Analytics

Estimote Cloud enables you to measure interactions between users of your app and beacons. To learn more about Estimote Analytics, visit:

Does Estimote offer Analytics for beacons?

Fleet Management API

With Estimote Cloud API, you can use your own app to relay changes remotely applied to beacons.

Getting started with Estimote Cloud API

Cloud API reference

See the complete list of methods available, together with descriptions of required parameters and response format.

Examples using CURL

To retrieve a list of your beacons:

curl -u app_0a1b2c3d4e:0a1b2c3d4e5f6a7b8c9d0e1f2a3b4c5d \
     -H 'Accept: application/json' \

To retrieve a breakdown of visits use:

curl '
from=1448928000&to=1451606399&granularity=daily'  \