Is the source code from Estimote Android Demo App available?

hey there,
i wanted to know whether the source of your Android Demo App is available to download somewhere.

I already have the estimote demos for android from github, but i´m particulary interested in the source code for the notification demo you used in the demo app. is it possible to get this code from you?

By the way what about temperature sensor Demos for Android? Are there any to check out?

Android seems not to be that much supported by Estimote like IOS, which is kind of dissapointing.

thx in advance for your feedback.

Kind Regards,

Hi Johannes,

Thanks for reaching out.

You can find API documentation pages with tutorials here:

Estimote Beacons are compatible with iOS and Android, although it is more advanced for iOS because we used iBeacons protocol and for Android we are using our own solutions that we are still working on. Thus temperature and accelerometer sensors are not available yet.