Ios SDK writeName

I'm using sdk 2.0 beta .
I'm trying to set a name to my beacon after is connected and i call - (void)writeName:(NSString*)name completion:(ESTStringCompletionBlock)completion; , in completion block i receive an success message (the string name what i set to beacon name ) but after i check the beacon name again after reconnect to beacon (; the string is empty !


Sorry for getting back to you with delay. Was it a one time situation?

Hi again,

Thanks for your answer . No it's happens every time .


I checked with new 2.0 release and cloud connection , and is not working , on the cloud the name is changing but on beacon is remaining the same name ! and is changing after the connection with the cloud is established but is not persistent on beacon!


I'm sorry for late replay. Do you still have a problem?

Name property of the beacon is based on the cloud information. It is filled after connection to the beacon. If beacon is not connected the name property is filled with nil value.


I have a similar issue but with reading the name property.

The docs mentions that this is filled after a cloud call.

I get the delegate method beaconConnectionDidSucceeded called after connect but still the value there is still null, not sure what other cloud call i need to call to get this.

Hope you can help

Hey Fadi—are you still seeing this issue?

I am not using that API method anymore.
Thanks for following up