Ionic/Angular App with Cordova Support to work on both android and iOS

I want to build ionic/angular app with Cordova to work on both android and iOS. The app will track location of goods in a warehouse. Can anyone please guide about how to proceed with latest estimote ble beacons. I have seen solutions for cordova but they are bit old

i wrote an ionic/capacitor app (capacitor uses the cordova libs under the covers)

capacitor is the new plugin interface, replacing cordova

and wrote a capacitor plugin for the estimote libs for ios, not yet android.

the android cordova libs return different stuff then on ios . havent found the data i want from android libs yet

this for the uwb beacons, not ble

@sdetweil Thanks for replying.

I added wrong tag for post. I also bought UWB estimote beacons. Can you confirm that this cordova plugin (GitHub - evothings/phonegap-estimotebeacons: This repository is no longer maintained - new maintainer is welcome!) does not work for UWB Beacons. I need to make an App for both android and iOS using cordova, ionic, angular. The app will be used to track shipment items placed in a warehouse. Can you guide how to start ?

i do not know. i used capacitor, which is the latest plugin interface in ionic

and used the estimote sdk library. there is nothing bluetooth you can do with the estimote uwb beacons.

i created a capacitor plugin to wrap the estimote library.
i used the ionic/vue model for our app

i have only done for ios.

@sdetweil can you please provide the capacitor plugin that you created? Do estimote provide BLE Beacons now in present time or BLE beacons are outdated? I mean can I buy BLE Beacons from estimote ?

I do not know the answer on purchasing ble/proximity beacons but I would guess so.

sorry, I cannot provide my plugin, it was developed as part of our project.

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