Intermittent detection of Beacons

Hi. I noticed that for some reason, the Estimote (Android) app inconsistently detects beacons lying close by. Sometimes the estimote app immediately detects the beacons. A few seconds later (with no movements made), the estimote app takes longer and sometimes fails to detect some beacons unless I restart the scanning process. I noticed the same with a minimal app that I built using the Estimote SDK. Sometimes, the beacons are detected immediately and sometimes, within the same time period, my app struggles to detect the beacons. Reviews I have read from iOS users show that they have no issues always detecting the beacons. What could be causing such performance in detecting beacons and how can I make sure that the beacons are detected as often as possible?

We’ve noticed that this usually depends on the Android device you’re using—newer models are much better at detecting Bluetooth devices than the older ones. Which model you’re testing with?

Thanks @heypiotr. I am using the second generation Nexus 7 ( running Lollipop 5.1