Indoor SDK 1.1.1 Warnings on Compile

I've just downloaded the latest indoor location sdk (1.1.1). I had already been developing an app based off the swift example, so I simply replaced the EstimoteIndoorLocationSDK and EstimoteSDK folders with the new ones. I also had to update how the app handles the appID and appToken and place a new #import line for the ESTConfig.h file in the bridging header. Lastly, I had to add a flag (-lc++) in the Build Settings. Once I did all of that, I got my app running just as it was in the previous build.

Now, my issue is that it appears that I now have a bunch of warnings when I deploy my app (83 warnings to be exact). They all seem to be Dsymutil Warnings... but honestly, I have no idea why I'm getting these warnings. The app still seems to be working, but I'm wondering why I'm getting the warnings in the first place and how I can resolve the issue. Can someone please tell me how I might be able to fix this issue?

Hey Andy, already working on fixing that, many thanks for letting us know!