[Either iOS or Android] Looking for a developer to create an Estimote based app for a library


We’ve recently secured a modest amount of grant funding to develop an app. We’d like to place Estimote beacons throughout the library, and develop an app to help direct users to locations of interest. These might include a general call number range, or specific rooms in the library. We would prefer to work with a developer who is already familiar with beacons. We are open to either iOS or Android as our initial platform. Local developers would be ideal but we are very willing to work remotely. We need to have our funds expended by June, so we’d like to get started quickly.

Please feel free to contact jamurph@ilstu.edu for more information.

Hi Julie,
I am Ilya from Space-O.

I sent you an email with the initial estimation breakdown with the timeframes based on your high-level requirements.

Let us know your thoughts on that. Our team will be happy to help you with the development of such navigation system for the Milner Library.

We are looking forward to your soon reply.

Please feel free to contact me with a usage of attached to my email contact details.

With the warm regards from Siberia,


I 'm Kirtan Thaker from Whitelotus Corporation. We are mobile app
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We have very good experience in leveraging this technology and we can
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We have our own platform named ‘Spotnify’ www.spotnify.com
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Please contact me with more details about your project and we can take forward our discussion .

email: kirtan@whitelotuscorporation.com
Skype: whitelotuscorp

Look forward to hear from you.


Kirtan Thaker

Hello Julie!

This is Kate from IT Craft company https://itechcraft.com

I have just sent you an email. Please check it and let us set up a Skype call.

We have done several large projects using beacons and could be a right match for your project. I would also love to mention that we have a NY representative and references would not be a problem.

Thanks and I am eager to hear from you.

Best regards,


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