Indoor location beacon detection

Can the Indoor location app detect maximum 6 beacons only? In the ‘looking for beacons’ - configuration page, there are only 6 beacon icons displaying but I’ve placed only 4 beacons, so I got a doubt on this? If I need to configure more than 6 beacons at a time using Indoor location app, will it possible ?

Hi Martin!

Yes it can :smile:
The UI is designed for 6 beacons only as it covers most of use cases, but in fact the mapping wizard can handle configuring any number of beacons despite only six slots in UI.

That’s a great question and feedback, thank you.

You can always configure your beacons manually—all you need to do to set them up for Indoor Location is:

  • set the broadcasting power to +4 dBm
  • set the advertising interval to 200 ms
  • make sure that Basic Power Mode is disabled

The easiest way is to go to, select the beacons you want to configure, click the “edit” button, and put these settings in there. Once you save them, open the Estimote app when near the beacons, make sure you’re logged in, and it should automatically download pending changes from the cloud and start applying them to any nearby beacons. If you want to track the progress, go to the List view—there should be little spinning wheels next to beacons that are being updated.

UPDATE, oops, so it looks like our wizard can actually handle configuring more than 6 beacons, see Marcin’s post above (:

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Thanks for the reply. Could you please tell me the step by step for setting beacons manually. The problem I face is with Indoor location app configuration, I have 4 beacons placed. They are not exactly in a rectangular path, they have little curved path, I am trying get the location path using Estimate Indoor location app, but it is failing to create the path. But, When I adjust beacons to place exact rectangular sides, then it is creating the path successfully. In general case, I should not be able to place the beacons exact in a rectangular manner, there would be some curved stages. In this case, I think, I will prefer configuring it manually rather than using Estimate Indoor location app, which fails to create path JSON on such scenarios.

Not entirely sure what you mean by a “curved path” and “adjusting beacons to place exact rectangular sides,” would you be so kind to elaborate on that? It would help us improve the Indoor app.

As for mapping a location manually, you can use the Indoor SDK and the ESTLocationBuilder to do that:

Here’s a good thread that explains how to use the ESTLocationBuilder in more detail:

Ok. The issue is this.

  • I have 4 beacons placed on the walls on four sides.
    [ I have some chairs, tables and some items in the room]
  • I am trying to use Indoor location app for configuring the beacons and getting path JSON.
  • The app is detecting 4 beacons successfully (Add new location->Configure my beacons).
  • Next step, I need to walk to all the 4 beacons to get the path (to export JSON).
    When I walk to 2nd beacon from 1st beacon, I have some chairs on the ground, so I can’t walk straightly, So I take a little curved path and reaching the 2nd beacon.
  • End of walking to all the 4 beacons, it got failed to give me path JSON. Because, I didn’t walked straight path when reaching 2nd beacon
  • Then, we moved the chairs and give plain surface on the room ground, and walked straight to all the 4 beacons in a exact rectangular way, as if Indoor location app is asking us to do. Then, it worked. i.e given the path JSON.

Please let me know if need more details. Thanks.

This is great, thank you so much!

I do have a follow-up question actually—when walking around the chairs and taking the “curved path,” do you still keep the phone in straight in front of you, like shown in the wizard? It’s important for the calibration process that the phone is always pointing in the direction your moving, even when you’re walking around an obstacle. The wizard should detect that you’re taking a detour and still be able to calibrate the room properly.

This is crude image attempts to demonstrate what I’m talking about:

We’re definitely not doing good enough job explaining that, but I wonder if you follow this guide, are you able to successfully map the location with the app?

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Ok sure, I’ll try that.