iBeacon tutorial part 2 - warning for 'Show enter notification'

Working through the iBeacon tutorial Part 2: Background monitoring. I’m stuck with an error at step, “Show an “enter” notification”:

In the AppDelegate, add the following implementation of the didEnterRegion delegate method […]

This produces the following Warning: Non-@objc method 'beaconManager(_:didEnterRegion:)' cannot satisfy optional requirement of @objc protocol 'ESTBeaconManagerDelegate'

The project does, however, compile.

If you share you code I can take a look. It looks like one of the protocols (an optional one) has not been defined in the delegate. the delegate method looks like it’s defined with an @Optional attribute so it’s not required to implement. That’s why everything compiles but gives a warning.

In looks like as of right now, you gotta do:

func beaconManager(_ manager: Any, didEnter region: CLBeaconRegion) {

instead of:

func beaconManager(manager: Any, didEnter region: CLBeaconRegion) {

(Can you spot the difference? ^_^)

I updated the iBeacon tutorial to account for that, thanks for the report!