iBeacon showing Estimote ad

Using Eddystone on 3 iBeacons. Two working fine, but one is showing up as a generic looking Estimote Ad – “Estimote - real world context for your apps.” And the link goes to Estimote.

Any idea what’s going on?



Nothing magical here, the default Eddystone-URL in Estimote Beacons simply points to estimote.com (: You can change that in the Estimote app to any other URL of your choice.

That’s funny. It was set to the Eddystone URL that I entered, and was working fine. And then it suddenly reset to the Estimote site.

Must be some kind of automatic reset if it gets confused.

BTW, is there a typical lag between when you enter a new URL on a device, and when it starts showing up?

Thanks for the response!


It definitely shouldn’t reset on its own, could you message me the identifier of that beacon? (click on my avatar, then the “message” button) We’ll investigate it.

About the lag => hard to say. Theoretically, I believe Android scans for Eddystone-URLs when you turn on the screen, then it needs to send the discovered URLs to Google’s Physical Web Service for validation and to fetch the page metadata (icon, title, description, etc.), and then if all goes well, it should immediate show the URL as low-priority notification. The scanning, the request, I don’t think that should take more than a few seconds.