How to pass telemetry packets through a mesh?

I bought Estimote location beacons and updated their firmware to the latest version i.e. 4.13.2. I created a mesh network of those three beacons.

Now, I am doing the following test which fails:
Step-1: Set the transmit range to ~3.5m/12ft.
Step-2: Place all the beacons at 3m distance from each other in a series.
Step-3: Create and android app to listen for the telemetry packets.
Step-4: Place android phone near a beacon at the end of the series.

Expected result: Receive telemetry packets with three different device IDs because they are part of a mesh network.
Actual result: Telemetry packet received only with device ID of the nearest device.

Note: When I put all the beacons near phone, I receive telemetry packets will all three device IDs. Please let me know how should I fix this problem?

Estimote Mesh is for configuring beacons. It does not support relying telemetry packets (see Telemetry Data via Mesh).