How to know Bluetooth was misbehaving like estimote App

I have an issue on bluetooth misbehaving. I get to know by estimote app, But how i can i know in my app? Please help me thanks in advance…

Use the setErrorListener method of the BeaconManager. Your ErrorListener will then be notified of any problems with scanning via the onError method. If the errorId is BeaconService.ERROR_COULD_NOT_START_LOW_ENERGY_SCANNING, then you’ll know it’s “misbehaving”.

I too am curious about this. I’m currently working on setting up a solution with ~35. Beacons over a ~3,000 m^3 space. I’m using older phones (S4 minis). As I was going around calibrating trigger thresholds for each beacon, I got the same error frequently, once every 10 minutes on two different phones.

“Bluetooth is misbehaving and refuses to work. Tap to restart Bluetooth on your device.”

This seems quite frequent, and pretty crap. I’m wondering if I should build in something in our experience that just restarts Bluetooth during lull periods just to be safe.

How should I interpret the frequency of this error? Is the phone just crappy? Is somehow the app over-taxing the phone, and it would be fine if it was not polling as much?

Any suggestions welcome.


This is already reported issue on Samsung devices, unfortunately. It is related to filtering bluetooth packet on the hardware level. We are trying to working it out - we will update you when any fix is in place.



Fantastic news, thank you. I will await any results.