How to inform device that the URL has changed

Hi all,

I am new in this community and in this technology as well.

My device is broadcasting a URL. People may receive it using physical web or Chrome “near by”. Now Say at a given point of time the store owner/administrator changes the URL (say the offer get changed). People who already received the URL form that particular device are not getting the new URL.

How can we handle he situation.

Thanks in advance

The most common solution to this is to use a link shortener that allows you to edit the destination address. I think supports editing.

Thanks for your reply.

We are not facing problem with URL changing. Let me describe the problem in more details.

  1. Device (D1) is broadcasting a URL say
  2. An customer (C1) receives the notification in his mobile and opens the link.
  3. Customer neither stop his Bluetooth nor leave the area of D1.
  4. Admin changes the URL to to show a new offer to all the customers.
  5. All new customers who are entering the same area of D1 receiving the new URL, but C1 is not receiving any notification.

Gotcha! It sounds like you might want to report it directly to the Physical Web team then: