How to get the magnetometer data from Estimote Location Beacons?

We want to get the magnetic field data from our Estimotes Location Beacons on raspberry pi devices. We can get a lot of data with With this nodejs app we can read ‘telemetryPackets’ that have also the ‘magneticField’; but, the ‘magneticField’ for every beacon is always zero on all axis:
“magneticField: { x: 0, y: 0, z: 0 }”

So how can we truelly read the ‘magneticField’ data with a raspberry pi?


@heypiotr any update on this? I am having the same problem and would like a resolution.

Would love to get this fixed as well…

It still baffles me how they can advertise the existence of a magnetometer without supporting it in the first place. We have been waiting for ages for this to get fixed and decided to build our beacons and move on.

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@Estimote, please give some informations how we can get the magnetometer data via estimote telemetry frame.
If there is the need of a calibration, then provide some informations how to do it… maybe via RESTful service too.
I need a solution working with a raspberry pi.


I am facing the very same problem using Artik 10 to host the nodejs app that listen to the telemetry packets from my Location Beacons.

Please, someone from Estimote support team, help us on this matter.

Hey, thanks for posting!
You can find the specs of the Telemetry packet under the link posted by xtc above — you can parse the reading based on that. We’ve updated the firmware, and the readings should now more meaningful than originally. That said, the magnetometers are not calibrated, so you might want to offset the readings after you place the beacon in its target spot.
We’ve included more details in our recent blog post.

Let us know how it goes!