How to enable auto mapping in indoor location beacon with UWB?


Few days back my client have provided me a Indoor location beacon with UWB. The beacons was purchase by using client account(e.g.: Today he just transferred its ownership to my account(e.g.:

My question is, How to enable auto mapping of my room using location beacon with UWB?

Here is what I did,

  1. I have checked ownership of the beacons in estimate iOS app, It showing my email id as ownership(
  2. I have 8 beacons and I have placed in 8 different places around my room.
  3. After 5 mins I have checked in my account(, I couldn’t find any location mapping of my room where I have placed my 8 beacons.

NOTE: I haven’t used indoor location app here. Because if I try to use indoor location app, it just allowing me to map my room with only 4 Beacons. Actually I have placed my 8 beacons as follows,

4 beacons - One per corner of my room.
4 beacons - Different position in mid of my room.

What I have missed or what wrong I am doing?

Please help me. :slight_smile: