How to connect beacons with android device

when i am run my application all 3 beacons are connected and when all three are connected than i am display in textview message with beacon name but problem is that all 3 beacons does not indicate light.
so all beacons are connected properly or not?

Hi @akhil!

Whenever you are successfully connected to Location Beacon, the beacon’s LED diode indicates connected state. If it not blinks, there is no connection between the mobile phone and the beacon.

Please make sure that all of your beacons are Location ones. If you try to connect to multiple beacons from one device, double check that you trigger connection on appropriate DeviceConnection object. We have a tutorial here:

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Thanks a lot @arek for the tutorial link actually i am connected my all 3 beacons on one object. and also i have not uses scanner object so i think that’s the reason why beacons LED diode not indicating.

Hi @arek
Here is my code link
open this link and review my code and solve my issue why beacons LED diode not indicating.