How to choose the proper location where beacons can be placed so that the signal strength is good and energy is optimised


I need to place some beacons in an area. So i wanted to know that how to choose the location where beacon should be kept so that the signal strength is good in the network of beacons and also power consumption is optimised. Do we have any software to decide the beacon deployment density or do we need to develop any simulation?

Kindly help. Any sort of help will be appreciated.


Hi Praveen,

Sorry for the delay in replying.
For beacon placement please refer to these articles on our Community Portal:
Wireless interfence
You can optimise power consumption by using power modes:
Power modes
We don’t have any software to determine the perfect beacon density, it depend much on the environment and the use case, so testing them in the deployment environment is the best way to go about it!