Beacon Broadcast Power for Ranging

Obviously changing beacon settings needs to be considered on a case by case basis, and there is no “best” settings for performance. But I am wondering about how the broadcast power setting can be best used for the ranging feature. For monitoring, it is often good to set the broadcast power to lower settings so that events are only triggered when a user is in the desired range. But for ranging, since the algorithm is just trying to find the closest beacon by the strongest signal, would it be best to set the broadcast power very high?

For example, if there are three adjacent rooms/areas, each with one beacon for ranging, and the rooms are only about 40-50ft wide/long, would it be better (theoretically) to set the beacons’ broadcast power to roughly 50 ft, or would it be better to set them to the highest power (230ft). I am thinking that maybe ranging would usually work better with higher broadcast power because it will receive more signals overall from all beacons, and can then make a better decision on which beacon is closest.

Of course every situation is different and manually testing it is the best way, but does my way of thinking make any sense in theory? (This is all assuming battery life is not a concern.)