How is Estimote connected to internet

Estimote location beacon is connected and other bluetooth devices are within the range.I want to get the real time information of how many devices are within the zone. via internet.

Does estimote has any inbuilt wifi module to transmit data to internet (like how many devices within the location ?

If it doesn’t have wifi how can i collect the data in real-time ?

Kindly requesting if anyone can help me out with this issue

Hi there, and welcome to the forum!

In short, the beacons are not connected to the Internet directly.
The beacon/sticker does not perform any actions itself. It only broadcasts a signal, but it doesn’t receive any data. It’s the app on a Bluetooth-enabled device, triggered by its signal, that has to perform specific actions and deliver content. It’s explained on our Community Portal: How beacons deliver content to mobile devices?.

Additionally, the device is not aware of the other devices in the range of a beacon.
One way to address this would be to make sure your app is installed on every single of those devices. Each device would then send a signal to your server, and any data operations or calculations would be done there.

Also, we’ve recently introduced Here&Now: with this technology you can craft messages and links that will be delivered to people in physical locations via a network of Physical Web beacons, based on exact location and timing. Read more about it here. Note that you need Location Beacons to work with Here&Now.
This is relevant, because through Here & Now you can measure how many devices displayed your URL, but also have an approximated count of how many Bluetooth-enabled devices were in the range of the beacon (we call this “foot traffic”).

Hope this clears things up!