How high can you place an Estimote Gecko on a wall?

Hi there. I want to place an Estimote Gecko at our offices, but would like to know how high can I place it before it starts affecting signal?

We are located in a 2 story building, on the top floor.


Placing beacons up high per se shouldn’t affect the signal—in fact, it often gives best results, as there’s less chance somebody/something will block the line-of-sight between the beacon and the phone. Some people say that putting them on the ceiling is actually most optimal for them (:

(That is of course, if your ceiling isn’t, e.g., 10m/30ft high—which would increase the average distance between the phone and the beacon, so you’d need to crank the broadcasting power up.)

Thanks for the feedback. So, just to elaborate:

As we are on the top floor of a double storey building, I want to place the beacon on the outside window of our office so that it faces the entrance to the office park, so as to catch employees entering and exiting the office park.

The distance from our office window to the entrance gate is about 15 metres, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
The height of the beacon placement from the ground to our office window is a about 10 metres or so. (This is where I’m concerned signal might be affected.

Nah, beacons don’t rely at all on being close to the background, so no worries here.

Yup, sounds perfectly fine! At the end of the day, nothing beats experimenting and trying out different positions to achieve the optimal performance, and the one you’ve indicated sounds like a good start.

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Ok perfect thanks. I’m happy to experiment, but wanted to make sure i’m not applying bad practice.

There’s not much on google around my questions asked which kind of makes sense as most use cases are probably around indoor and retail.