Range of estimote beacons

I am curious about the mentioned range (70m free air) of estimote beacons. Is that a realistic value? I am in doubt because I have investigated iBeacons from other vendors and they barely exceed 15m (with highest power config), which is too short for my master's thesis. Any value from approx. 30 meters or more would be sufficient!
I would be pleased if anyone could post some experiences!

Thanks in advance,

Hi Roman,

While 70m is technically possible, it's very unlikely to reach that distance in real world conditions. Keep in mind that 2.4 GHz radio waves are suscpetible to external factors like absorbtion, diffraction and interference. Objects blocking the signals and even air humidity can be a factor.

In an open space with good conditions you can realistically expect up to 40-50 meters.


Thank you, that sounds promising! :)