Having an issue with two of the three beacons from my DEV kit

Just got my dev kit and two beacons are still pending submissions after 4 days. One beacon works well. I have been trying to get some support from estimote but all I get is zippity doo da… Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks

What beacons do you have (Proximity, Location)? What firmware revision (you can check that on Cloud)? Are you testing it on iOS, Android or both? Are you using Estimote App or have custom solution based on Estimote SDK? Is you App/SDK updated to the latest available version? Are you using Estimote Mesh?

Beacons have pending settings if they haven’t been synchronised with Cloud using SDK (or Estimote App that is also using SDK). Synchronisation happens then you connect to beacon. Do you see them on radar/list in Estimote App? Have you tried to connect to them? Do you get an error message? What does it says? Log/screenshot would be welcome.

I have proximity beacons, the firmware is updated, they are testing on andtroid. One works fine (the purple) The other two are not. I am using estimote app. They are not syncing with the estimote cloud. They are in the radar list but not syncing.

using the estimote app, the two beacons that do not work DO NOT sync. I get a continuous loop when updating. The purple one works fine on the app and on the estimote web site.

Hello, any thoughts?

Are you trying to synchronise on iOS or Android? If you are using Android try to get iPhone/iPad and try to synchronise with iOS Estimote App. If you are using iOS try to synchronise on Android.