Gradel Issues with the Demos Application

Hello. So for the demos application that is included in the 10.6 release (, the gradel version is 1.3.1. I am trying to update it to 2.1.2 and I am getting the following error: Error:Cause: It’s just that I am trying to combine the monitoring feature from the tutorial ( with this app, but I feel like if I am using an old gradel version the OnExitedRegion/OnEnteredRegion gets called continuously. When I run the tutorial application the background monitoring works fine (the gradel version is 2.1.2 in this sample app), but trying to combine it with the demos application is tricky. I do believe the issue is the fact that I cannot update the gradel version of the Demos application, and any help would be appreciated!

Gradle version shouldn’t be an issue.

We describe the onEntered/onExited triggering back and forth in more detail here:

Dealing with many onExit/onEnter events

What app are you trying to build by combining the two demos?