Finding zero devices


I am making IOS app for getting temperature. But i am not getting any device.
I have tried to find devices, used by ESTNearableManager and ESTDeviceManager, but getting 0 devices.
Any body can tell what are the steps to get devices.

Device has Hardware Version D3.4 and Firmware Version A3.2.0.
And IOS version 8.3.

You can follow this tutorial to learn how to detect your beacons: (or best to start with part 1)

Long story short, you gotta use the ESTBeaconManager (:

ESTNearableManager is for detecting Estimote Stickers, and ESTDeviceManager is for configuring our next-generation beacons with firmware 4.0 or later.


I have tried ESTBeaconManager and ESTDeviceManager both.
Still i getting zero devices.

Maybe your beacons run out of battery? Do you see them in the Estimote iOS app?

You can see battery looks ok.
Yes i have used Estimote iOS app. It is working fine.

Any Update ???