Find location using single Beacon

Hi There,
I have latest beacons in my hand. What was my plan is in my restaurant i need to place a single beacon in one block and i need to know that on which location / table the customer sitting. Is it possible with single beacon. can you give me some suggestions.

That’d be like trying to obtain your GPS location with just one GPS satellite (:

You could instead place one beacon per each table.

By the image i am showing by requirement. The orange colored are tables, show cases and counters. Green colored are humans (customers). I need to track the customer and where they are siting using beacons. How many beacons required for this use case and how to implement it. Please guide us.
More than one customer can sit a table. So i need accurate position that person.

Hey heypiotr,
Do you have any solution or suggestion, How to implement it.

If it’s enough for you to know which table the customer is at, I’d place one beacon at each table, and maybe two or three on the long one. What kind of user experience do you want to trigger based on the user’s location? Knowing that usually helps to decide how detailed the position data needs to be, and in general, more detailed = more beacons.

Yes, from what I understand, there are no staff waiters, and folks are ordering via android or iPhone. So, I agree, a beacon would be necessary at each table. Awesome idea, very cool not needing a waiter/waitress!!! People are so over the “How was your dinning experience” and every 10 seconds interrupting conversation with “everything OK?” Did you find everything on the menu OK? Enough!! Good for you!!!