Restaurant set-up

So I am attempting a restaurant set-up; 1 beacon per table (minimum strength so that they don’t interfere too much with each other).

What should I be considering to make sure that I can extract the table customers sit with relative confidence and ignore false positives? RSSI filtering / logs reading every few seconds was suggested and I will look into it but I am also interested to also hear other opinions / ideas, possibly from devs who have attempted similar set-ups.

In my mind, my app needs to identify the table every time an order (for initial or subsequent items) is placed. No need for constant monitoring of regions.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

Hi Polis,

We talked via email about this and one more idea alongside RSSI filtering came to my mind. There’s an app called Everytap that uses beacons in restaurants in slightly different context. They ask you to ‘tap’ a beacon to collect discount points.

Of course tapping a beacon may seem odd when you can get the same action without it being involved, but it can be turned into a memorable part of the experience (e.g. WeChat uses shaking motion to trigger beacon interactions). And when the user moves the phone very close to the beacon, to tap, it should be easier to identify this beacon by RSSI readings and, by extension, know the table.


Thank you, that’s a cool idea, I’ll take a look at the app.

Following our email exchange, I have been looking around for some code samples on RSSI reading using the SDK but I haven’t been able to find much. Can you please describe the logic one would use for this? I.e. Get the logs and then read the most recent one (i.e. closest one)?


Looking more into it, am I right in assuming that what I need is CLProximity filtering?

Yup, CLProximity would work, you’re likely looking for the “Immediate” value.

Thanks. Will give it a go and report findings soon.

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