Find beacons in background mode

I'm working in app with beacons, but when app enter in background mode search stops. Its possible execute "startEstimoteBeaconsDiscoveryForRegion" in background ?

Hi Eder,

Yes, you can use command "startEstimoteBeaconsDiscoveryForRegion"to search for beacons in the background.

Ok. I try that but I'm not sure if I did correctly. Can you provide any example or snippet code to do this, maybe some link ? ..

Thanks ! :)

I forgot.... im working in IOS app..

Hi again,

I'm sorry for a misleading information I provided you with in the previous comment. I'm afraid, you should not range/scan in the background as it is not allowed by Apple.

Hi, I'm having the same issue.

According to this thread - - it is possible.

But I'm not really sure how to do it.
Is there any tutorial or sample code?