iOS: Discover beacons while in background

Assuming I'm in a mall that have many stores who have beacons of same UUID but different major/minor values, is it possible to get the major or minor values in background with startMonitoringForRegion or startEstimoteBeaconsDiscoveryForRegion?

I know that startMonitoringForRegion calls enterRegion and exitRegion delegate methods but it doesn't give me the major/minor. Though due to apple's document it's possible but I didn't find any hint...

Thanks in advance.

Hi Matt,

There's no way to retrieve major or minor when monitoring. You could enable background modes for location or bluetooth-central and use respectively ranging or discovery, but then you'll need to justify the use of those background modes during Apple's app review process.

Hi Piotr,
Thanks for your answer. I found that when didEnterRegion/didExitRegion is triggered in background(even the app is closed), if I startRanging , then didRangeBeacons is triggered for about 10 times and it works fine. However, for detecting if a customer is very close a beacon, I think the only way is to place many beacons in the room and trigger didEnterRegion/didExitRegion as frequently as possible.

By the way, what is the range of your new sticker beacons?


The range of the Stickers is up to 50 meters.