Filter and calibration issue

Hi I have read your related topic about filtering the measured distance. And I totally agree the measuring result should be filtered. In my App the distance is not stable and accurate enough to be trusted. So I can not trust and use my zone detecting function.

Another issue, I noticed that the distance results among several Beacons are not so uniformed, which means if I get a Beacon replaced by another Beacon, the measured distance can be very different. I would like ask for a guide for calibration.

Hey there,

The thing is that for reading distance based on radio waves, hardware plays very important role. Things like antenna quality, shape, orientation, are crucial to the process, both on the side of the phone and the beacons. If you’re using beacons just for location context (eg. ‘in this room’, or ‘in this museum’) it isn’t super-important, but if your use case require big accuracy, it’s better to use beacons from a single vendor.