Example of location builder

Hi friends! First of, I’m very much recently introduced to the world of coding, so, apologies for the lack of “terminology.” I’m having trouble mapping my space using the location building guide: http://developer.estimote.com/indoor/map-your-location/

Im writing using xcode 8, swift 3(?) and i looked everywhere i can for an already done example. But can’t find any,
and i think it really would be of help if i could se what I’m doing wrong. Could any one of you perhaps help me with that?

Also, is there a easy guide if you would like to change the png/img of the user(s) walking around in the indoor sdk?

Appreciate all the help!

Kind regards
/ Daniel

Don’t have an example for Location Builder at this time, but feel free to post the errors or description of problems you’re having, and we’ll see if we can help (: