ESTIndoorLocationView - how to reset to a new location?

I'm developing a test application and have added an outlet to ESTIndoorLocationView - this is working great, however, when I switch to a new location by calling the drawLocation() method it overlays the new location on top of the old one

Is there a way to remove the previous location from the view? or clear the view?


workaround in Swift

var originalFrame = self.indoorLocationView.frame
self.indoorLocationView = ESTIndoorLocationView(frame: originalFrame)

Hey Kirby, thanks for this! There's definitely a ton of features and improvements to the ESTIndoorLocationView that we could do—and some of which will do.

To go a bit more into the philosophy behind ESTIndoorLocationView: at the end of the day, we probably won't be able to account for every single need out there—our main focus is on Indoor Location's "backbone", i.e. space setup & positioning. The view itself is great to throw a quick demo, but for your own application you'll probably want to end up building your own view components or maybe using some dedicated 3rd party libraries that do the drawing part better than we (as of now at least) could.

I hope it makes sense! (:

Didn’t want to start a new topic. A year has passed, so let me ask again: is there a way to reset beacon location without “workarounds” ?

I have 2 devkits, and I want to try out mapping several different locations using the very same set of beacons. What are my options ?