Estimotes stuck updating values

I used the web portal to change the value of both the broadcasting power and the advertising interval on my beacons.

When I opened the Estimote iPhone app near my beacons, I saw the little cloud above all of them indicating they need/are updating.

Usually they start updating right away and are done within 2 minutes. However, this time they seem to be stuck somewhere in the process as the clouds have not gone away and the web portal still shows “pending settings” on all of them.

It has been 4 hours with 12 beacons stuck like this and I am unable to change the values again or stop the process.


That’s weird, sorry for the trouble!

Could you try killing the app and starting it anew? And maybe restarting Bluetooth, and/or the device? I wonder if maybe Bluetooth crashed.

Also, we’re currently aware of a bug with the remote update’s reliability being negatively affected when you have more than a few beacons w/ pending settings in range of the app. The next version of the app (due in 1–2 weeks) will have that fixed. In the meantime, you could try only bringing a couple of beacons that need settings applied in range of the phone at a time. Or changing the settings directly in the app. Clunky, we know, sorry about that! Fortunately, the fix is already on the way.

So I’m getting the same on only one of my beacons. I’m testing with 3 and two have synced. Sadly, this one refuses to update. I’ve installed the management app on multiple devices, restarted the app and device, even killed the Bluetooth connection and added back.

This has been ongoing for about 6 days now. Not non stop, but in attempts within this timeframe. Now, I will mention that on one of the management app instances, I do see it try to talk to the beacon every now and again, but it never actually updates the beacon.

Note - Battery is new, proximity to device is within a couple inches. I also see that there are certain values that never completely finish loading. These following values are in a perpetual loading state:

  • Remaining Battery Life
  • Temperature
  • Beacon in Motion (This is set to off and is not one of the Pending settings)
  • Motion UUID (Motion is set to off and not one of the Pending settings)

I’m assuming that this is a clue as to what may be going on. Also worth noting that this is running firmware A2.1. We cannot update it as the app never gives us the option to. I noticed this didn’t become active on the other beacons, until all values had finished loading.

Edit - Also noting that we have removed from casing and removed battery to power the beacon off and back on.

Actual pending settings:

  • Proximity UUID
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Basic Battery Saving