Estimote tracking other estimotes?


Is it possible for estimote to sense other estimotes nearby and store that information for later reporting to a smart device/phone?


Unfortunately not. What would you want to use it for?

Thanks for the answer. I would like to use it for tracking other units, see which units have been close to each other, without any smart device nearby.

I think it’s Bluetooth 4.1 I’m looking for, kinda “beacon mesh network”.

Would you tell us more about the use case? Why do you want beacons tracking beacons? How are you going to use this information?

We where looking into mesh networking some time ago, but we couldn’t project any practical applications for it—so if you have found something and would like to share with us, we’d very much appreciate that, thanks!

I’m thinking something similar to, if you had “mesh functionality”, you could increase the tracking network without using phones.