Estimote Nearables didExitTypeRegion not being fired on exit, but on re-entering the nearables' range

I am building a simple iOS app to monitor enter and exit callbacks of nearables. The firmware version of all the nearables is SA 1.1.0.

The problem I am facing is that the exit is not being fired when the iPhone (having the monitoring app) gets out of range of the nearables, as it should. This happens even after waiting for 30 secs (the time period used to filter false positives). I have checked it with waiting time period of like 10 minutes but didn’t got the exit. The exit gets fired when I re-enter the range of nearables, in which case an enter callback is also fired simultaneously. I have tried changing the Advertising Interval to 480 ms and also to 280 ms but still the behaviour hasn’t changed.

I am using Estimote iOS SDK 4.0 for development and testing on iPhone 6 (iOS version 9.3).

Hmm, can you double-check if your app has access to Location Services? Nearable Manager should automatically request the “always” authorization, but you still need to add Always Usage Description to the Info.plist file. This is necessary for the iBeacon “didExit” event.