Estimote Cloud Subscription plans


Can someone please provide me with info on the following:

What are the different subscription plans available in order to make use of the features on Estimote Cloud?
How long does the trail last?

What is the best way to get in touch with Estimote? I have emailed them a week ago and I am still waiting for their response. I would really like to test these features out as soon as possible.

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i’ve the same problem
i’ve contacted them and still waiting too :frowning:
can you gave me some information about pricing plan when they answer you please

Hi guys! Sorry for the late response on our end. We’re working on a pricing that we could put on our website but for now, our Customer Success team is analyzing each of your use cases case by case and it trying to figure out the right plan for you. It’s definitely not the best experience but I can ensure you that we’re doing everything that we can to make the pricing more transparent.

If you haven’t heard from the team, please DM me your email address and I’ll have a look. Thanks!