Estimote Beacons - Proximity Bug?

I've been developing a small proof of concept app that uses CoreLocation framework in iOS. The app is a single view that returns details of the closest beacon within the region. I have found that the beacon proximity is constantly coming back as "unknown" with an accuracy value of -1.000000 on estimote beacons, despite the beacon being right next to the device. It appears that the app recognises the closest beacon to the device, but is unable to determine the accuracy and therefore the proximity is unknown. I have some alternative beacons and I rarely see this behaviour with them beacons. Has anyone else experienced this behaviour before and if so did you find a work around? For a few days I've pointed the finger towards my code but now I am thinking it may be the estimote beacons that I have.


Hi Jamie,

Could you share your code? I'll pass it to our developers and let you know what's causing the issue.


Hey Wojtek,

some time, I am also getting proximity "unknown". what I do?

Hi Khushboo,

How far from the beacon is the smatphone, and what are the beacon settings or advertising interval and broadcasting power? Also, would be great if you could share your code here.