Estimote beacon tracking

Hi there,

I wanna look for nearby beacons which will be placed in different outlets in different locations.
Right now to develop the app I’m using virtual beacon(iPhone 5S)

At first I used the following library to detect. But using this lib virtual beacon is not getting detected.

Then I switched to
and I got success with it.

But the problem is, for this I had to define a region with beacon’s uuid.

Is there any way to detect beacons without any region defined and it will always look for nearest beacons without any tag or anything?

Just it will give me a list of any beacons nearby.

Please let me know what is the best way to do the above requirement.


yes there is, look for Estimote Fleet Management SDK in github. and you will find a way to detect any beacon near you phone but you should turn on your bluetooth and internet to use it

hope this helps you!

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