Easiest Way To Detect an LTE Beacon In App? Using Android Studio

Hi everyone, I recently came across estimote beacons and have been trying to create a basic app that basically just detects and alerts the user when they are near a beacon. Firstly a specific beacon and also any beacon but I’m currently most focused on just detecting a beacon at this point then I’ll build from there. I’ve searched up a few examples but haven’t had success, I’m using LTE Beacons not sure if that affects the approaches I can use. Thank you.

Hi @Victor_Janhi,

Basically, you would like to build a simple Android application on Estimote SDK for detecting LTE Beacons, is that correct?

You can achieve it with the latest Android Proximity SDK. All you need is to:

  1. Assign a tag to your LTE Beacon in your Estimote Cloud dashboard. Android Proximity SDK observations are tag-specific, you need to pass it when defining ProximityZone. Let’s say you define your tag as venue.

  2. To make it work with LTE Beacon, you need to create & upload to a beacon a simple, BLE broadcasting microApp through the WebIDE. It should emit Estimote Location packets, here is an example:

//Define Estimote Location packet
var packet = ble.build.estimoteLocation();

//Start packet advertising
var handle = ble.advertise(packet);

//Define packet advertising interval and broadcasting power
  1. Add Android Proximity SDK to your Android project. Please follow the instruction:

Don’t forget to change your tag to venue!